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Insurance "MINI CASCO"

- mutual protection regardless of fault, we will pay up to 100,000 tenge

- from the lack of insurance from another driver, we will pay up to 100,000 tenge

For only 100 tenge!

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IMPORTANT: The validity period of "Mini Casco" is from the next day of purchase of the policy until the expiration of the validity period of the Auto liability insurance policy!
Фонд гарантирования страховых выплат

Полноценная защита интересов участников страхового рынка.

Insured events
How to get insurance payment faster?

Send information about the insured event and copies of documents in any of the following ways:

— via WhatsApp chat on the website
and get your insurance payout FASTER than with regular paperwork in the office.

What to do if there is a traffic accident?

1. Stop the car, turn on the hazard lights. Do not enter into conflict with other participants in the accident.

2. Call the traffic police (102), if necessary, - an ambulance (103), fire service (101), emergency services by phone 112 (the call is free, the number is available from a mobile phone with a zero balance).

3. Do not move the vehicle from the accident site, as well as objects related to the accident.

4. Wait for the arrival of the traffic police inspector. Check the complete documentation of the accident by the traffic police, as well as the complete reflection of all damage to the car. Get a certificate of participation in an accident.

5. If possible, get contact information from eyewitnesses of the accident (name, address, phone number, state number of the car).

6. Within 3 working days, inform the insurance company about the occurrence of an accident. Oral communication must be subsequently confirmed in writing within 72 hours.

7. Keep the vehicle damaged as a result of an accident until it is inspected by a representative of the insurance company.

How to get insurance payment after an accident?

1. No later than 3 days after the accident, notify Halyk Insurance Company JSC by phone 797 (free from mobile).

2. Apply for an insured event in a convenient way for you:


- in any филиале СК Халык

3. Submit the following documents to the branch of SK Halyk:

1) Identity card (copy) of the beneficiary.

2) Registration certificate of the injured vehicle (copy).

3) The decision of the Administrative Court, which entered into legal force, or the judgment of the court or the decision to terminate the criminal case (original).

4) A power of attorney for the right to receive money (presented in the original) - in the case when the owner will not receive the payment according to the registration certificate.

5) Bank details (information about the beneficiary's account) for crediting funds (upon receipt of payment by bank transfer).

In case of harm to life or health, the following are additionally provided:

1) Sick leave / discharge letter, etc. (documents confirming harm to health as a result of an accident).

2) Fiscal, sales receipts (documents confirming incurred treatment costs in original)

3) Certificate of the establishment of disability.

4) Death certificate (notarized copy).

IMPORTANTCheck the spelling of the names of the participants in the accident, the registration numbers of the vehicles, the date of the accident in the documents.

4. Submit an application for an assessment of the amount of damage caused and provide the damaged vehicle for inspection by a representative of SK Halyk.

5. Apply for an insurance claim.

Ask the specialists of the insurance company for a certificate of the documents you provided.

What if an accident happened abroad with an independent tourist?

In the event of an insured event, in order to receive assistance (personally or through a representative), you must immediately, but no later than 24 hours, contact the Service Company (contacts are indicated on the last page of the policy cover):

- с ООО «Балт Ассистанс Сервис» (service all over the world, except Turkey);

The main telephones of the 24-hour help center are + 7 495 1340035, + 7 401 2605274

Additional multichannel numbers for tourist countries (cost of calls - in accordance with local tariffs for communication)

Poland - + 48 22 188 12 99

Greece - + 30 231 220 50 25

Bulgaria - + 359 554 811 92, + 359 554 811 88

Egypt - + 20 1111 075 174, + 20 1100 783 485

Israel - + 972 33 741 065

Turkey - + 90 850 480 22 58

skype -  baltassistans (audio communication is not supported)

Electronic communication: Website:

SMS-messages: + 7 909 7765197. When sending SMS, indicate: name, country of residence, town / hotel, telephone number for communication (indicating all codes and extensions).

 - ООО "First Assist" (service in Turkey);

Basic phone +90 242 310 4444 (Calls from a landline phone are free)


After notifying the Service Company, you need to act in accordance with the instructions of the Service Company.

If, due to the emergency or for objective reasons, you could not contact the Service Company, you can independently seek medical help and pay the costs of the medical care provided. In this case, you or your representative must:

-  Take reasonable and affordable measures to reduce losses associated with the insured event.

- Provide documentary registration of the insured event in the competent authorities (depending on the nature of the event, as a result of which harm was caused to the health of the Insured or his death occurred);

- Immediately, as soon as the physical condition allows (within 24 hours from the moment of applying for medical help, but not later than 3 (three) working days from the date of the occurrence of the event, inform the Service Company or the Insurer.

After arriving in the Republic of Kazakhstan, within 30 (thirty) working days, you need to contact the Insurer's office with a written application for the insurance payment and provide:

original insurance policy (duplicate);

originals of medical documents containing information about the diagnosis, state of health of the Insured at the time of seeking medical help, about the manipulations and treatment performed, or a medical document about a disease or other health disorder;

originals of prescriptions, invoices, receipts for payment of medical services;

documents confirming the fact and reasons for the occurrence of an insured event

in case of road traffic accidents - copies / originals of acts of the traffic police / militia;

in the event of harm caused by third parties - a resolution on attracting as a victim;

in case of fire - fire act;

a copy of the foreign passport of the insured with marks of border control on crossing the state border of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the country that is the territory of insurance;

identity documents of the Insured / Beneficiary and the right to receive insurance benefits;

originals or copies of air and railway tickets, as well as tickets for water or road transportation;

in case of death of the Insured, you must additionally provide:

copies of documents provided for by legislative or regulatory enactments containing data on the cause of death of the Insured (forensic medical examination report, death certificate indicating the cause);

original or copy of death certificate;

documents confirming the repatriation of the Insured's body: act of transportation of the body - cargo 200, receipts, receipts confirming the costs of embalming the body, delivery of the body, cost of the coffin, funeral company services, consulting services.

The documents must be provided with a translation into the state or Russian language with the seal of the translation agency.

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